Saturday, October 10, 2009

long time dissapear from here...

since last time i wrote somethings here was about 5 months ago. I can t even feel that the time pass so fast, now already october... my 3 months holidays stats already...

"what should i do? what can i do?...." a lot of questions appears on my mind. i think i will be rest 1st, because i dont habe enough time to rest during exam period and now is the time to recharged my baterry. Haha... that's sound funny but if u felt extremely "FATIGUE", take a rest is a good way to "RECHARED"!

My next plan is i will help me aunt to sell "vege MEE" during "nine emperors celebration". this is one kind of celebration in peneng, all of those prayers will eat vege during these 9 days in chinese calender. They hope 9 emperor will help to keep them from healthy and wealthy. I will busy for that 9 days... but i think this is one of my enjopyable life cuz i can help a lof of ppl. All the fund rise is for charity purpose.

Next, i think i will paint my room. My bedroom seem like very old already because i think it already more than 10 years i dint paint my room. i hope i will have a new look room for me to face my new life...

I will also going to HUANG SHAN during end of November, i think is time to start training cuz i heard that we must climb that mountain. I will enjoy the sea cloud and sunrise there... i think i will snap a lot of photo there...

That is all my plan until november, hope i wont be too boring XD

Sunday, March 1, 2009


sorry for more than 2monts no updated my blog...
i m quite busy after i started my semester, every week busy with my assignment, report, test, assignment, report, test,assignment, report, test...... keep on repeat the same thing in my life cycle from the 1st week until now...

mayb some of u dont even know y i m so busy, let me tell u all this is the reality of private uni - especially the uni with all chinese. All of us compete to get higher score, higher grade, become president list, etc... Thus, no more 1 minutes for us to relax, we must keep on moving and moving. Sometimes even need to rush so that we can have a few hours to sleep n relax...

last week, i went to the mechanical workshop and did my 1st G-clamp in my life. Once i get this clamp, i started to cut the shape like G. if u think this is easy, u r totally wrong. This task is not an easy task, i used 2 days to make it. now i feels better already, my task almost complete. Now is just wait for another order.

i also had my mid-term test last thursday, i felt very angry cuz many ppl try to cheat. the whole row students had the same correct answers. they copy among each other but the lecturer almost "blind". He not even know wats going on... The real world is like that, if you know the way, jux go for it... Haiz.................

Thanks for my coursemates who support me and help me to solve my problems. next week, i will back to my home town, bm. Hope to c my old friends soon.....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

SHE 大马槟城 Auto City 签唱会

今天,我的追星毛病又发作了! 我亲眼目睹了我从小到大的偶像 ~ S.H.E........

我昨天晚上接到了一位好友 -雷门 的电话,他说今天要去看she. 我知道后非常的兴奋,她们3个小妮子一路以来都是我最爱的偶像团体,她们现场的唱公可说是一流,跟专辑听的没两样。

我下午4。30pm 便出发, 首先载了律行,我们三人变浩浩荡荡的去auto city 了。一路上都没什么塞车,道路顺畅无阻。大约5。10就抵达目的地,我们变前往舞台的中央去看看。现场已经有一班忠实的歌迷在等待大明星的来临。

由于我没有票入场, 所以早点到现场碰碰运气, 看是否有机会得到入场卷。果然不出我所料,现场真的有送票,但是要回唱SHE的新歌。我刚好被MY FM特攻对的工作人员看中,清唱了一段就得到了4张入场卷 (还有一份旅游杂志),好开心哦!!!!

天色渐渐的暗了,绵绵细雨洒在我的身上,我还是坚持等待。雨越下越大,我们便撑了一把雨伞。大约2小时后,我的偶像终于到场了。7.50pm正是开始,首先S.H.E带来了我的电台的主打个 -宇宙小姐。她们现场载歌载舞,实力非凡,不愧是我的偶像。 哈哈。。。真的有点臭屁!!!

接着由参赛者表演,其中一位男参赛者表演的很像,还加了自己的new idea,非常的creative,连表情都有做到。难怪他得了第一。

接着,SHE唱了一首抒情歌曲 - 沿海公路的出口,简直让我听出了耳油,直到现在还有点意忧未尽!

这次的签唱会在槟城举办当然要入乡随俗,说一说当地的“福建话”。SHE很溜的用“福建话”跟大家打招呼。她们得“福建话”还算不错,至少我听得懂。 但是她们的“福建话”有很重的台湾腔,但还是很可爱。她们三人之中,ella的表现最佳,放得很开,一点偶像的包袱都没有。这应该也是我看过最真的明星了。她们三人的互动到处充满欢笑声,灿烂的笑容绝对少不了。这就是我支持=她们得原因之一。S.H.E的歌陪伴我走过了我中学的生涯,一直到现在。。。我一定会继续支持你们!

最后,她们唱了由Selina填词的慢歌 - 安静了, 非常适合在深夜里一个人静静地聆听,别有一番滋味。

8。35pm开始签名,我规规矩矩的排队,等待让偶像签名。到场的人非常的多,绵绵的细雨阻挡不了歌迷的热情,大家还是有次序的排队。大概等了半小时,我便有机会上台那她们的签名及握手。一次过看了3个人,握了3人的手,简直HIGH到不行!!!! 太美了,我还告诉她们我会支持你们,Selina还跟我说谢谢!!!

这场SHE 大马槟城 Auto City 签唱会大约9.45pm结束。我便带着依依不舍的心情离开,我回头一看,满地都是垃圾、纸屑、水罐等。。。。这都是歌迷留给大会的纪念品,一点干净意识都没有。


Wou!!! 酷吧!!! 有LOVE shape 的!!! Hebe, Ella, & Selina 的signature

Saturday, January 3, 2009

回想。。。。 点点滴滴

好快, 一年就这样过去了! 就要迎接2009了。。。。。。。



15-3-2008: 我买了我人生第一架手机 sony erricson w880i, 超薄,酷及炫! (生日礼物啦,隔天就是我的生日)


7-12-2008: 我买了一架TOSHIBA laptop,真的很high! 。这架电脑很符合我的需求,非常满意! (但是很不习惯用vista,觉得有点麻烦!)


我在拉曼完成了一年的foundation, 我的cgpa也不错!真的很满意,所有的付出及努力绝对不是白费的!

我的degree program接着开始了,我就这样忙忙碌碌得过了一个sem! 成绩还不错,希望有机会achieve 1st honour degree! 所以就要从现在做起!



爱情呢! 50:50吧! 尝尽了甜酸苦辣,孤独一人时有人陪真的很重要,但却不了了之。。。。



2009年是一个新的开始,我默默得许下了愿望,希望全都能实现!!!!! (会不会太贪心呢? 哈哈)


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

my "NEW" house!

I felt quite boring and free during this 3 months holidays, since i dint found any part time job (affected by ecomony crisis), so i decided 2 find somethings that i intresting to do...

I serve the net everyday, see my favourite tvb series and reality show on tv...
i keep on repeating the same every days...
sudenly i found my weight gain 2kg since too free, no pressure at all, and just relax...

so, i decided to WASTE my time, i had painted my house... (for me, it is 1kind of excercise)
i bought some nippon paint (quite $$$ but worth because it can last for at least 15 years)
and start my JOB!!!

now, my house look new already... (not all part of my house, but i quite satisfied with my result~ even small parts i also handle with care so that it look nice!)

OS: i felt very tired and exhousted when i am painting, this need a lot of efferts, time, and most important --- stamina/energy! i feel very proud and glad now cause i had done something meaningfull during my long holidays... I not wasting my time at all!!! i hope i still got the spirit and inspiration to continue painting my house, so that it will look defenitely NEW for the next NEW YEAR!!!

my line connection got some problem, so hope can upload some of my new looking house after i painted it next time!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


无奈, 为何是酱的事情!!!

我电脑的screen sort sort 的,有时好像有裂痕,真讨厌!

Sunday, November 16, 2008



年又参加了我“嬷嬷”的大寿,非常的难忘及有意义。今年的场面非常的壮观,大约有80几位的子孙一起为嬷嬷庆祝生日,我想这也是最盛大的一次!“不用怕, 嬷嬷在饭厅!”今年,嬷嬷摆了六座宴席,所有的亲戚、子孙、朋友都到齐了。我的嬷嬷穿了一件中国式的蓝色旗袍,非常高贵优雅。今天的生日‘趴地’是从7。30开始。首先,是由我们子孙送红包及礼物。接着为她唱生日歌,许愿及切生日蛋糕。今年的生日蛋糕非常的特别,有两‘晨’还又很大粒的寿桃。(可能人数较多,所以比较大吧!可是真的很好吃!!!)我们这一家今年送了一个很有一一的礼物就是<普耳茶砖>,(是从中国云南限量版运回来的)上面刻上“寿”“福”这两个字,非常的特别及难找。我和我爸训寻觅觅找了一年的生日礼物,够意思吧!



还记得小时候,每次去嬷嬷家时一定非常的兴奋,又可以跟嬷马见面了。每一次一到她家的大门就会喊“阿嬷,你的乖孙来找你咯!”,我那慈祥的阿嬷就会“来来,sayang! 哇的乖孙,阿嬷"siok~"(福建话,疼的意思)”。

我的心中总是有一个疑问,为什么每次从阿嬷家回的时候,我的嬷马就会拿出一tin的饼干送给我回家吃。这到底是为什么呢?难道就没有别的食物了吗!我就多嘴的问了我爸,爸爸的解释让我非常的感,我也得到满意的答案。爸爸解释说以前老一辈的人,他们非常的贫穷,没有多余的钱买食物,家里最值钱的东西就是进口的饼干。(当时malaysia还没有自己制造饼干) 嬷嬷八全家最好,最值钱的东西送给了你,你的阿嬷多有你们的心,她希望你们吃的饱,穿的好,快高长大。当我知道这就是里面的含义时,我非常的感激阿嬷一路以来的用心,我真的非常的感动和快乐。现在,当我在吃阿嬷送给我的饼干的时候,多了一分爱心,关心~ 即使是普通的饼干,只要是啊妈送的,我一定要吃完,免得浪费了我嬷嬷的一番好意。

我希望嬷嬷 ~~身体健康,长命百岁~~